Helped Human Resources technology company to scale up their business

August 27, 2021


Meet Veremark!
They are a venture-backed Human Resources tech company! Veremark seamlessly enables you to verify the credentials and integrity of existing or prospective employees whilst delivering the best candidate experience possible.


i) What were their pain points? 

Veremark wanted to scale up, and as quickly as possible, like many venture-backed start-ups. However, to do that required a team of trained sales reps that would've taken 6-8 months to recruit, onboard, train, and begin to delivery consistent results.


ii) Who is their target audience? 

Financial services and banking organisations that were hiring more than 30 new roles per year. Typically the decision makers were senior leaders in Talent Acqusition or Human Resources, and handled the background checking process before onboarding.


iii) What was Beecore’s Strategy? 

We created a combined strategy of LinkedIn, Email and Cold Calling touch points that were heavily personalised with human research. Each touch point was specific to the individual contact. We then applied this to a sequenced campaign to approach thousands of prospected leads across the United Kingdom and APAC.


iv) What are the results? 

26 appointments with decision-makers, 16 piped opportunities, and 3 new customers in 2 months.