Help to drive further interest to their business coaching services in Warwick

April 28, 2021

Meet ActionCOACH Warwick!
ActionCOACH Warwick is lead by Kevin Riley, an experienced entrepreneur and successful businessman; who exited his 100 head count business to focus on coaching SMBs. In the past 2 years, Kevin and his team have helped thousands of business owners take control of the chaos of growth. The team have won multiple awards for their free and paid support, offering online classes, group coaching, book clubs as well as one-on-one coaching.


What were their pain points?
The team in Warwick is very focused on growing the right way and wanted to expand the one-on-one coaching customer base. However, they only had one Business Development Manager, and that only left so much time in the day. Onboarding a full-time member of staff would have taken a lot of time; to search, recruit, onboard and train, and the team needed to focus on their customers.


Who was their target audience?
ActionCOACH Warwick’s ideal customer profile was business owners from sizes 1-50 that are based in Warwick, Banbury, Leamington Spa and Coventry. Typically, these business owners are looking to grow, and get out of their business with what they intended when they created their companies.


What was the BeeCore strategy?
To help relieve the time commitment issues for ActionCOACH Warwick. BeeCore spent just 60 minutes with Kevin’s team learning about their customer’s pain points, and not about what it is ActionCOACH does. After the kick-off call, we created an email sequence that focused on the challenges that business owners faced, inviting them to meet Kevin for some free one-on-one coaching.We used the free coaching magnet as a way to introduce leads to coaching, as mostly it’s uncomfortable accepting that you need help. By offering it for free, with no obligation, no sales talk we enabled the leads to have a taste. 


What were the results?

  •  10 Meetings arranged
  •  Which resulted in 4 new customers
  •  40% conversion rate
  •  64X ROI




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