Helping an agency to meet Quantity Surveyors and Site Manager in UK

April 20, 2021

Meet Kemp Services!
They have over 30 years’ experience providing one-off and contract cleaning services across the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of commercial cleaning services across all sectors to a myriad of businesses.


What were their pain points?

They didn’t have the time to be able to do cold outreach for their ideals leads. They have great experience, but lacked the time to be able to commit and grow, as they also had a lot of operational requirements that took up there day.


Who was the target audience?

Quantity surveyors and contract managers for construction projects across the South East of the United Kingdom. The primary targets were the contractors or the project clients.


What was the BeeCore strategy?

Quick Wins & Quick losses. Quantity surveyors and contract managers are very busy, so we removed fluff from our scripts and email touch points and just said it straight. We used data that we had to reach out about specific projects and their end dates, asking if we could quote on the final builders clean (when the construction job is finished and the dust is all cleaned). This direct approach worked well via both email and calling.


What were the results?

  • 26 opportunities over a 2 month period
  • 30X ROI on closed business
  • 2 long term contracts that create predictability