Helping an Agency meet Decision Makers in North America

March 12, 2021



Meet Applichat!
Consider them the hospital, assisted living and home healthcare recruitment professionals! Applichat is a recruitment advertising agency focused on getting hospitals and home healthcare agencies increase their applications, interviews and hires via effective proprietary lead generation strategies. They guarantee to deliver 45+ registered nurses and/or licensed practical nurses in 90 days. Their proven program sources, screens, and engages qualified nurses for North American hospitals, homecare agencies, and assisted living facilities.


What were their pain points?
Applichat didn’t have a dedicated sales team in place to do their own lead generation, and although they had success with a few existing customers, and a nice referral pipeline, this didn’t match their growth strategy.


Who was the target audience?
Applichat wanted to meet Talent Acquisition Directors in North American Hospitals. With that information we used LinkedIn and to locate the right contacts and build a database of leads.


What was the BeeCore strategy?
Now we had our messaging and audience we used our Hubspot professional license to create a sequence. That sequence ensured that BeeCore was able to contact 500 leads over a 4-week period, atleast 5 times. That meant building a 10 working day sequence, and adding 50 leads each day to the top of the funnel. The launch of our campaign had a low deliverablity, so we quickly removed some “spam filter” words from the campaign and added a DKIM to Applichat’s DNS server to ensure that emails sent from Hubspot would be delivered.


What were the results?
Applichat had 9 qualified appointments in 30-days. Our target had only been 5!